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NABA Nachhaltigkeit

We work today for a tomorrow that’s worth living

In our view, sustainability entails social and ecological management along the entire value chain. This is the only way we can lay the foundation today for a tomorrow that’s worth living. To continuously improve our operations, we set specific goals and strive to achieve them together – in all departments, across all teams and with all our employees. In the end, sustainability is integral to our self-perception. We prioritise consistent action: by cultivating an increasing amount of raw materials in our own fields, we are shortening production routes. We avoid food waste by maximising the use of our ingredients and supporting various food initiatives. What’s more, we always keep an eye on the environmental footprint of our packaging.
NABA Nachhaltigkeit
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From field to table

Be it for our own brands or private label productions, we minimise distances and keep CO2 emissions low. This is because we cultivate an increasing percentage of our raw materials, including chickpeas, soya beans, sunflowers and corn, organically on our own fields, within a distance of no more than 100 kilometres. This means that our value chain is not only transparent, but also notably short. The fact that everything from seeds to finished product is under our own control sets us apart from our competitors.
Nabio Gierstädt

our employees
sustainability directly.”

Nabio Gierstädt

We take an interest in all the details – including the packaging

We believe the quality of our packaging must match the excellence of our products. That’s why we consider every detail in this aspect. We only use glass jars and aluminium-free tinplate cans, attach labels with solvent-free glue and employ lids that are free from PVC and plasticisers. All our outer packaging is made from recycled cardboard, we shred old cardboard as filling material for online orders and we use minimal packaging materials wherever possible.


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For us, the circular economy is a straightforward commitment

Our emphasis is on the circular economy, prioritising waste avoidance. This is why we adopt flexible and customised production approaches for our customers. We support Tafel e.V. and food sharing initiatives by contributing production surpluses or edible but unsaleable goods. We recycle everything else in our biogas plant to create new fertiliser for our fields. For further information, please request our annual environmental statement and our sustainability report.
Contact: Victoria von Reiche


Nabio Gierstädt
Nachhaltigkeitsteam NABA
Nabio Gierstädt

We embody and advocate for sustainability in every area of NABA – maintaining this commitment with a cross-departmental team. Employees from product development, quality assurance, sales, marketing and product management provide ideas from a range of different perspectives; this ensures a constant influx of fresh ideas. Under the leadership of co-partner Victoria von Reiche, we design and implement projects such as the Sustainability Run, Environment Day and a wide range of other measures. You can read more about these projects in our sustainability report.


We demonstrate our commitment to sustainability by obtaining certifications which validate our operations. Our sustainability report, an overview of our certificates and further information can all be downloaded here.
NABA Biozertifizierung
IFS & organic certification