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NABA Sortiment

Our product range is highly diverse

We develop and produce a wide range of dry goods for our brands and private label customers. From spreads and stews to soups and sauces, our diverse selection caters to a wide audience and serves a growing market.

NABA Sortiment

“Our ideas make
the difference.”

NABA Sortiment


Good flavour is multifaceted. From our NABA Innovation Lab in Berlin, we manage our Nabio and Reichenhof brands. Our team, focused on our target audience, identifies trends early on, engaging in the direct development and testing of innovative, creative recipes in collaboration with customers. This is how we continuously launch new products.


NABA Sortiment
We believe that a mindful diet is always flavourful and doesn’t necessarily require a significant time investment. We ensure this with our extensive Nabio range, comprising delightful spreads, refined sauces and diverse stews. Because we believe everyone should eat well; it’s only natural!


NABA Sortiment
Our Reichenhof stews show just how good and nutritious a tinned meal can be. With our product portfolio ranging from lentil stew to cheese and leek soup, our development team draws inspiration from our family history, which began at Gut Reichenhof nearly a century ago. The von Reiche family, who owned the estate, already farmed and appreciated the value of good, healthy food.

Private Label

Benefit from our experience

When you come to us with your requirements, you can rely on our experience and know-how. Together, we develop your idea into a new product. We will provide you with all the necessary information on content, ingredients and nutritional values and check your labelling for compliance with the Food Labelling and Food Information Regulations. Our expertise ranges from pasta sauce, barbecue sauce and ketchup to spreads, seasoning pastes and sauces, soups, stews and tinned ready meals. Of course, we are also happy to advise you on your choice of packaging.

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Flavour diversity and high quality have always been our hallmark. Over the decades, we have developed thousands of recipes and produce over 350 different products annually. We don’t rest on our laurels with this wealth of experience; instead, we gladly leverage the expertise we’ve acquired to broaden our product range and continually draw inspiration from new ideas.
NABA Sortiment


We develop and produce both savoury and sweet spreads. Based on sunflower seeds, vegetables, pulses or ingredients such as quinoa and hemp, we offer a wide variety of vegan and vegetarian spreads. They are available in different textures from creamy to chunky and in various flavours.
NABA Sortiment


Catering to diverse preferences, our stews range from classic lentil stew to innovative recipes like cheese and leek soup, offering home-made taste in convenient ready-made form. We use gentle production processes and guarantee perfect consistencies from firm to creamy with maximum nutritional content. Whether in a jar or in a tin, these are well-balanced, outstanding meals for health-conscious people.
NABA Sortiment

Cream soups

We offer a large selection of vegan and vegetarian cream soups for gourmets. Whether smooth and creamy or with a light texture – we have mastered a full range of consistencies and supply them in jars.
NABA Sortiment

Pasta and rice sauces

We produce a wide range of different sauces. We rely on the best ingredients and customised recipes. For example, the tomatoes used in our pasta sauce are sourced directly from farmers in Italy, delivering a taste reminiscent of those from nonna’s kitchen. The components for our Asian sauces are sourced from their respective native countries, and we craft our recipes with meticulous attention to detail. That’s why our sauces are good accompaniments for a wide variety of rice, fish and meat dishes.
NABA Sortiment

Delicatessen salads & salad bowls

Food to go and convenience food are the new trend, and we demonstrate that they can be both delicious and nutritious. Our salad bowls made from fresh vegetables, crunchy pulses and refined dressings are wholesome meals, whether at home or on the go. We also make healthy additions to cold meals, e.g. vegan delicatessen salads with tofu in various flavours. They serve as an alternative to traditional options like meat or chicken salad.
NABA Sortiment

Ravioli and ready meals

We offer the classics of international cuisine in new vegetarian or vegan versions. We reinterpret ravioli, chilli sin carne, risotto and ragout. With fresh, savoury sauces and various meat substitutes, in jars and tins – in the best organic quality.

NABA Sortiment

Dips, pastes and chutneys

Dips and sauces are the crowning glory of a salad and barbecue buffet or a snack plate. We find inspiration in international cuisine and launch fine chutneys made from mango and apricot, chilli-rich salsa dips and velvety tahini curry pastes.