Anbau eigener Rohstoffe


Gierstädt, 28/09/2021
Soya beans, chickpeas and sunflower oil – raw materials that are widely used in our production. Sourcing raw materials as regionally as possible is now a matter of course for NABA, but the owner family is now going one step further. The von Reiche family has been farming in Saxony-Anhalt for 30 years. Now, it is also growing organic raw materials on a plot which is over 300 hectares. These will be harvested and processed for the first time in October and then transported to our production facility in Gierstädt – just under 100 kilometres away from the farm. By taking this step, NABA is embarking on an unparalleled value creation process that takes the issue of regionality to a new level. After all, soya beans, in particular, frequently receive criticism due to their occasionally distant sources. In doing so, we are reducing transport routes to a minimum, resulting in significant CO2 savings. 

Sustainable growth with climate neutrality, 100% green electricity and the use of a biogas plant
To enhance the sustainability of the value creation process beyond raw material procurement, NABA is emphasising resource-efficient production. The company is expanding its initiatives in this regard and aims to achieve EMAS certification by the end of 2021. The EU’s “eco-audit” certifies companies that go beyond legal requirements by integrating a comprehensive environmental management system and exceeding ecological standards. This includes, for example, the use of 100% green electricity. Energy efficiency generally plays a major role for us, so production heat is utilised for all thermal energy in the administration building, thereby saving a good deal of power. Furthermore, enhanced machine maintenance schedules and comprehensive employee training contribute to preventing production errors, thereby minimising waste. However, if this does occur, NABA cooperates with organisations that campaign against food waste and donates edible but unsaleable goods to social institutions.

In collaboration with Climate Partner, NABA will attain climate neutrality by the end of the year and will undertake additional internal and external projects in this context. The cross-departmental sustainability team, led by co-partner Victoria von Reiche, is contributing to climate neutrality with measures that include internal sustainability programmes, community raised beds and the promotion of climate-friendly mobility to embed the concept of sustainability even deeper within the company. Plans for 2022 include the implementation of a biogas plant and additional measures to minimise waste and packaging.